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The company was formed with the collaboration of many other companies which underlines the fact that the positiveness of multiple companies is infused to make it a better standing outfit. Talking about negativeness if any will be removed with our mutual understandings and your invaluable advices & comments.

The collaborated companies are into their respective working zones and continuously progressing towards the apex. Their names are as under:-JKMULTISERVICES.COM

Now let's head towards the working capabilities of this collaboration¦ This group has got no limitations over the work space. That means its work areas are as vast as sky which has no practical, feasible limit. We will be continuously infusing more & more work groups for expansion of our working zones.


Activation of combo Sim
It is an attractive opportunity for every individual to become an Independent Retailer of My Recharge by activating combo SIM. Combo SIM Activation is FREE but to start Services every individual required to purchase package by paying Rs.1000/- no any renewal Required.

  • Free Activation of your Existing SIM in Combo SIM for Recharge of all Pre paid mobile & DTH.
  • Mobile, DTH and Data Card Recharge Facility with Attractive commission.
  • New DTH Connection booking facility for pan India with attractive commission.


The main mission of this company is absolutely crystal clear. That is to minimize the mental and physical work stress of our client's thus allowing them to have maximum efficiency in their daily life.

We also aim to employ the educated ones who have suffered through the winds of unemployment & to boost the profit returns of the Professionals who are currently unsatisfied with their capital returns.

Extra Benefits

  • Sale 3 New Combo SIM in both Groups in 2:1 and 1:2 Ratios within 180 days from the date of joining and Get Rs.600/- more Gift Top up for next 6 Months, Rs. 100 per Month. Total 12 Months.
  • Sale total 9 New Combo SIM in both Groups with 5:4 and 4:5 Ratios within 180 days from the date of joining and Get Rs. 600/- more Gift Top up for next 6 Months, Rs. 100 Per Month. Total 18 Months.

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